District 3 News Update

Just a quick letter to update everyone on a couple of things. I wanted to say that the 1st 2/3 of the race season has been a success. I feel the fun factor is definitely becoming one of the main focuses of the race. I can promise that none of this will ever be exactly how everyone wants things to be done. All I’m trying to do is keep everyone safe and having a good time.

I’m happy to see nitro back as a steady mix in the races. It’s good for the district and it’s good for the future to see some younger people playing with the nitro boats again. We are also beginning to make some efforts in getting the electrics involved. I spoke with some of the electric folks from up in the villages area and we are going to try to put on an event in the Orlando area in the fall just for the electrics. I want to see how we can get some of these folks involved regularly at the district races. Not to mention I know they have some really fast boats and who wouldn’t love to see that!

I also want to remind everyone to return the form to NAMBA that Al Waters emailed to us for the Acknowledgement of Ins. This is a form that ALL NAMBA members must sign. If you did not receive the email, just let me know and i will print a copy and mail it to you so that you can sign it and return it to NAMBA. We also submitted to Russell Stark the rule proposal for raising the cc limit in the GX-twin engine classification to 64.00 cc’s. This will likely come out in the next NAMBA Propwash for the entire NAMBA population to vote on.

Also, the Space Coast Rudder Busters are going to host a 1 day fun race on August 21st.  The race registration is on It will be a great opportunity to knock of the dust and cobwebs before the next district race in Palm Beach on Sept. 17 & 18. Speaking of the Palm Beach  race, there is no better lake for you tunnel guys to come to. No matter how hard the wind is blowing that lake is always calm and it is a perfect spot for the tunnels to really race and not just survive the rough water.  So if you can fit it into your schedule please make an effort to come to this race.

I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable summer with your families and friends.  If you need anything from me or if you have any positive input or ideas for the district, please don’t hesitate to call or email me.  Hope to see you all at the lake real soon, take care and be safe!


David Horsley

Namba District 3 Director

754-367-1148 cell

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