District 3 News Update

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to give everybody some updates with the district. In case everyone didn’t know, Fred Robson has had several strokes in a very short period of time, he is out of the hospital now, but he has a long difficult road to recovery with a lot of rehab in the future. He’s at home with his son Dwayne and they both need our prayers. Fred has been a huge part of this district for a very long time. Dwayne and Fred both love hearing from their friends in the district just to let them know they’re thinking of them. It gives them both a lot of encouragement. If you would like to call them, the phone numbers are (H)772-344-3543 and Dwayne’s cell is 954-393-7999.

The next race on the schedule is going to be hosted by the Palm Beach RC Power Boaters at the West Delray Regional Park on Sept 17 and 18. I have been talking with the county quite extensively and convinced them to allow us to FINALLY HAVE OVERNIGHT CAMPING!!!!!!! The club has hired a private security company that the county has required us to have on site for 2 nights. This is not cheap, so I’m asking for as much support for this club as possible. We want to see the attendance for this race get back up again! This is a great lake for all you tunnel guys especially. I would love to see more of the tunnels back out at the races, it is a great group of people to have at the races again. Not to mention we’ve all been relaxing all summer long so get your boats out of the trailer or the garage and come to the lake, visit some friends, have some fun and do some racing!

Also, the Double Points Race is coming up soon as well. As I mentioned before, we will be doing a food drive to make a donation on behalf of District 3 to a local food bank to help the families in Brandon right before the Holiday Season begins with Thanksgiving. I will be speaking with the director soon so that they can tell us exactly what types of things that can be the most helpful. I will keep everyone posted as the time gets closer. The double points race this year is going to be a 3 day event. The reason for this is this club always gets such a big turnout, with it being the Double High Points race, It will be even bigger. The race in March had 215 boats registered and it was difficult to get the race accomplished in 2 days. I spoke with the Brandon club and they, along with the help of the Tampa club agreed to stretch it to 3 days for this one time. A lot of people spend money to travel to every single race throughout the year to chase the High Points, I would hate for them to not be able to race a full 4 rounds for the most important race of their season, so get your boats ready and mark your calendars, point positions always change after this race.

Registration for the Nitro Championships will be open on 9/01/2016 and the Orlando Winter Nationals registration will open on 10/01/2016. Both of these races will be within 1 week of each other so to accommodate the chances for people to go and enjoy both races. The nitro only specialty race will be on January 13-15 2017, and the Orlando Winter Nationals will be January 20-22 2017 at the Melbourne lake site. Both races will be awesome so mark your calendars now and begin to make plans to attend at least 1 or both of these great events.

Take care everyone, hope to see you all very soon, and remember to keep having FUN!

David Horsley
District 3 Director

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