District 3 News Update

Hello everyone,

There are a couple of things I want to let everyone know about. First of all, in your Namba propwash there are two very important rule proposals that need to let your voice be heard. The first proposal is for the engine displacement increase in the GX twin class and the second proposal is for elections to be voted on in an online format only. Namba has been sending out notifications that have a link connected in the email to take you straight to the membership portal to place your vote.

Second, the Brandon double points race that is coming up was originally expecting a larger turnout, has not quite panned out as expected we have decided to reduce the race to two days. Open water will be Friday October 28th and race day will be October 29th and 30th. This also is the weekend that we are doing our food drive. We, together as a district, are going to make a food donation to a local food bank in the Brandon area known as ECHO. This organization does a lot to help the less fortunate in this area.  I think it is a great opportunity to give back just before the holiday season begins.  The Director has given me a list of things that they can use to restock their pantry to feed the families and children. These are simple items that can be picked up at any local grocery store. They will have a pickup truck at the race site on Saturday morning and I want them to leave with a full truck load of food donated from us.

The items are:

Peanut Butter


Jello or Pudding

Dry Milk Packets

Dry potato

Registration has opened up for the Orlando Winter Nationals that will be held in Melbourne on January 20th through the 22nd.  I’m super excited about this race this year, and I’m hoping it will be one of our best ones yet. We have a fantastic team of CD’s for this years race.  They will be James Traut, Steve Rodriguez, Curtis Canton, and Raul Rodriguez III.  I’m hoping to have some of you guys that go to the Winter Nitro Championships to also come to the Orlando Winter Nationals where we offer nitro classes as well as the gas classes.  The melbourne lake is one of the best lakes in our country to go race at. The parking is as good as it gets and the hotels are reasonable as well. So with that being said, get your boats ready to come out and have some fun for the 36th Annual Orlando Winter Nationals.

This race that is coming up in Brandon is going to be the final race of the year.  The Tampa club has decided to cancel their race this year. Next year we will be moving their race to the month of May to make an effort to help this club increase their turnout.

The biggest reminder that I have for everyone of you is to come to the lake with the mindset of wanting to just have a good time.  I want people in this district especially to feel like their going to go to a race to have FUN!!!!!!  That’s the reason we go and run boats  because the competition is FUN!  Seeing friends is FUN! This hobby doesn’t need to be approached with such a competitive attitude that it affects the atmosphere of why we show up at the lake for a weekend of racing our boats together.  This has been my constant cry for this past year and I’m going to continue to keep reminding everyone of you to just go have some FUN! Relax a little bit, try a little harder to be courteous of other people around you, and lets get together and have a good safe time together at the lake.


David Horsley

District 3 Director

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