A Message from our NEW District 3 Director

District Directors Message:

Hello Everyone!
I want to start by saying thanks to David Horsley for a job well done. I must say that I’m excited to be your New District Director and look forward to working with all the members of this great district. District 3 has been a leader at introducing new ideas and classes to NAMBA. A couple I can think of is Jersey Skiff, Gas Twin Rigger and with the members help I want to submit D3’s latest class of Superboat to NAMBA to be recognized as a class.

Your new BOD has quite a few new ideas they will be working on to help move us into the 21st century. One of which is the new D3 Forum! Only D3 members with current NAMBA cards will be allowed on the NAMBAD3 Forum (See below Registering for the Forum). Here all members can post about things in our district, discuss and resolve any problems among us without putting it out there on a public forum for the whole world to see. Another great thing about this forum is that the district members will be able to submit ideas to be discussed and voted on without having to be present at a race to cast a vote. In other words no one will be left out. This opens up a whole new world for our district to communicate and we hope to see everyone participate in our quest to continue to move our District and our Hobby in a positive direction.

Registering for the Forum: When you register for the forum make sure and use your first and last name without spaces as your user name. For example: waynefarrow
You will have to wait for an Admin to approve you. Once approved you will receive an email with a code to enter the first time you sign in. I hope you all are as excited as I am about this addition to our ability to communicate without the need to wait to get together for a meeting held at a race!

Last but not least we will be holding a short meeting at the drivers meeting in Miami on the 18th of November to vote on the Thunderboat rules for D3.

Wayne Farrow – NAMBA D3 Director

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