2018 Orlando Winternationals

Another successful event held at the Club lake in Melbourne. Weather was a bit challenging with windy conditions pretty much all weekend, it did not dampen the spirits of the racers who were anxiosly kicking off the 2018 race season. We had racers attend from all over the country.



We had all the boys from the Virgin Islands, these guy’s are great and really have a good time!!!




We had the VOODOO gang from Louisiana show up with about 15 of their club members! They are amazing dudes, they were extremely helpful. Some of the guy’s were turn judging and CD’ing the race really helping the Orlando club with their race duties.



Big shout out to Miguel and his staff for providing awesome food available for all the hungry racers and a awesome BBQ on Saturday night.




We had some of our very important vendor sponsors also attend the race. Scott Adams from ARD Racing Designs, David Pilladio COCR Propellors all the way from California, Bob Austin from Prop Works in New Jersey, Our very Own Ritchie Lind from Rico Racing, GIZMO Motors just to name a few….  All in all we had a total blast and can’t wait for the next year to see all our friends again!!

Click for More pictures from the event



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